“Sound” Workshop – Saturday, June 16th, 2012

This is a workshop I offer every so often and am facilitating at my colleauge’s studio in Ancaster….see below…..

Location – at Lori’s studio in Ancaster (Lori is my 2009 master student)

Facilitator – Susan McDonald – I have room for 4 if anyone wants to catch a ride!

Time – 1 – 5 pm

Cost – $75

Pre-requisite – Level I Reiki.

This workshop, with visualizations and exercises, helps one get in touch with one’s own true voice, the voice you had when you were young, yet most likely has been suppressed.  We all know the great power of sound through voice in many facets of our lives.  This workshop provides enhancement wtihin a Reiki treatment or workshop setting.  It can also be powerful as a healing tool within one’s own personal growth for self-Reiki, distant healing treatments & other modalities or activities one is involved in.  Sign up today! Snacks/teas included.

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